Julie Howe - Personal Caterer

Providing the D/FW Metroplex with the finest in catering since 2000.




APPETIZERS & SNACKS:          SERVES 15-18          $36.00


Warm Broccoli Spinach Dip           Chicken Turnovers             Creamy Artichoke Dip

Cal:118     Fat:9      Carb:4      Cal:169   Fat:8   Carb:13       Cal:104  Fat:6   Carb:5



Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs              Stuffed Mushrooms                   BLT Bites

 Cal:73   Fat:3    Carb:2            Cal:68    Fat:4    Carb:3        Cal:38   Fat:2   Carb:3



SIDE DISHES:        SERVES 8-12        $30.00


  Lemon Roasted Potatoes                 Greek Squash             talian Broccoli & Peppers

Cal:132    Fat:2     Carb:25       Cal:80    Fat:5    Carb:8       Cal:55    Fat:3    Carb:7


   Vegetable Crab Soup             Veggie Pasta Salad              Savory Green Beans

Cal:167   Fat:2   Carb:23       Cal:108   Fat:5   Carb:13        Cal:59   Fat:3   Carb:9




MAIN DISHES:           SERVES  8           $36.00


   Broiled Meat Loaves            Mushroom Pepper Steak              Italian Hot Dish

Cal:241   Fat:9   Carb:14      Cal:241    Fat:15   Carb:28      Cal:391   Fat:12  Carb:36


   SW Stuffed Peppers               Greek Pasta Bake                  Turkey Roulades

Cal:268  Fat:11  Carb:18      Cal:366   Fat:7   Carb:43        Cal:368  Fat:8   Carb:18


   Seafood Enchiladas               4 Cheese Baked Ziti            Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

Cal:243  Fat:11  Carb:21       Cal:286  Fat:8   Carb:39          Cal:299  Fat:11  Carb:9




DESSERTS:                SERVES 8-12                $32.00


    Cherry Cheese Pie      Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake    Pineapple Angel Food Cake

Cal:259  Fat:10  Carb:33     Cal:324    Fat:8     Carb:62       Cal:195  Fat:2  Carb:43


   Rocky Road Pudding              Fudge Brownies                 Chocolate Dream Pie

Cal:183   Fat:6  Carb:25      Cal:201  Fat:5  Carb:36         Cal:337  Fat:11  Carb:51


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Please allow 4 Days for orders. All orders will come with a specific calorie count, etc. If you have any questions please feel free to call.

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